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We make project profile for bank loan in Bangladesh.

We are one of the top consultant in Bangladesh to make project profile for bank loan. You know, we make project profile according to Bangladesh Bank’s guideline. Our project profiles are accepted by all banks and financial institutions in our country and abroad.

Information Required to make a project profile

To make a project profile, the following information are required:

  • Name of your company and its address. But, more information can make your project profile rich.
  • Memorandum or trade license of your company, which is applicable to you. But, if you do not have memorandum yet, you can give us information as you planned to make it later.
  • Information of land, area, location, price and survey report if available.
  • Products and production capacity and selling prices.
  • Raw materials required with quantity and prices.
  • Machinery and equipment required for your project and quotation if available.
  • Civil works, area, cost per unit area, layout if available.
  • Vehicles with price list.
  • List of man power required with salary and designation.
  • Power, water and fuel required to run your project.
  • The ratio of finance by bank, if you already discussed with your bank.
ব্যাংক লোনের জন্য প্রজেক্ট প্রোফাইল
Cover of a project profile

How much time required to complete the project profile making

So, We need at least five working days to complete making project profile in general, after getting all the above information from you. But, it make take more times, if the project is complicated. For more information, please contact with us, so that we can discuss about your project.

How we will deliver your project profile

Generally, we provide PDF file to you after completing the project profile. But, if you need printed copy we can do it too. We also provide word file on request so that you can edit the project profile if it requires.

Cost of making project profile

The cost of project profile making services, actually, depends on the nature of the project. Same project for different nature may costs different. Our common fee for making project profile is only 25,000 Taka. But, it is not the same for all kinds of project. Please contact us for the cost of project profile making services for your project.

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