Approved Projects of Bangladesh Bank ESF / EEF Loan

ICB approved projects of Agricultural and Food Processing Sectors are given bellow:

  1. High yield seed processing
  2. Tissue culture of potato, fruits and flowers
  3. Flower cultivation
  4. Auto Rice Mill
  5. Messroom Cultivation
  6. Individual quick freezing / Fish processing
  7. Safe dehydrated fish processing
  8. Fishery (white fish/ high value fish)
  9. Shrimp farming
  10. Crocodile farming
  11. Fish feed/poultry feed production
  12. Milk processing/further processing plant
  13. Egg processing/further processing plant
  14. Modern slaughtering house and meat processing
  15. Poultry hatchery
  16. Fruits, vegetables processing and preservation (cold store)
  17. Bee Farming (apiculture) and honey processing plant
  18. Dairy and biogas plant
  19. Corn Flex production plant
  20. Crap Farming and crab hatchery
  21. Hybrid ox Semen collection, processing and marketing
  22. Value added fish product development and marketing
  23. Oil seed processing
  24. Turkey Farming and meat -egg production
  25. Turkey Hatchery
  26. Semi-Intensive Aquaculture

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