Project profile of Stone Crusher in Bangladesh

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Download PDF or word file of ready project profile of stone crusher plant in Bangladesh or order for a brand new project profile for your stone crusher industry.

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We make Project profile of Stone Crusher in Bangladesh. This project profile will include:

Executive Summery

Project Summery

SWOT Analysis

Chapter 1 : Proposed Project

  • Company
  • Background of the Project
  • Loan Requirement
  • Proposed Security against Loan
  • Location of the Project

Chapter-2: Management Aspects

Chapter-3: Technical Aspects

  • Location
  • Infrastructure
  • Technology
  • Civil Works
  • Plant & Machinery
  • Furniture & Fixture
  • Products
  • Raw Materials Cost
  • Manpower
  • Implementation Schedule

Chapter 4 : Marketing Aspects

  1. Demand & Supply
  2. Competitors

Chapter 5 : Financial Aspects
Chapter 6 : Economic Aspects
Chapter 7 : Conclusion

Feasibility Report: Annexures——————————————————————————–20-47

1. Assumption for financial analysis: Feasibility Report: Annexure-1
2. Cost of the project (With Details of every element): Feasibility Report: Annexure-2(a)
3. Means of Finance: Feasibility Report: Annexure-2(b)
4. Estimate of working capital: Feasibility Report: Annexure-3
5. Sales estimate (in details): Feasibility Report: Annexure-4
6. Projected income statement: Feasibility Report: Annexure-5
7. Raw and Packing Material Cost: Feasibility Report: Annexure-6(a)
8. Salary & Wages: Feasibility Report: Annexure-6(b)
9. Overhead Cost ( Repair & Maintenance, Power, Fuel, Water, Maintenance, Depreciation etc.): : Feasibility Report: Annexure-6(c)
10. Gen., administrative and selling expenses: Feasibility Report: Annexure-7(a)
11. Administrative Salary: Feasibility Report: Annexure-7(b)
12. Break-even analysis: Feasibility Report: Annexure-8
13. Cost of service/goods sold: Feasibility Report: Annexure-8 (a)
14. Pay-back period: Feasibility Report: Annexure-9
15. Cash-flow statement: Feasibility Report: Annexure-10
16. Projected balance sheet: Feasibility Report: Annexure-11
17. Debt-service coverage ratio: Annexure-12
18. Internal rate of return: Feasibility Report: Annexure-13
19. Ratio analysis: Feasibility Report: Annexure-14
20. Sensitivity analysis: Feasibility Report: Annexure-15 (a) & 15 (b).
21. Contribution to GDP: Feasibility Report: Annexure-16
22. Repayment Schedule: Feasibility Report: Annexure-17

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